WOW, what an amazing journey. I never thought that I will make it to the end because I usually start off with a bang and then I get frustrated if nothing happens on the scale and I then give up. BUT ooo my, this time around it was different. Working on my MINDSET, my SOUL and my BODY all together made a BIG difference. It helped me understand a couple of things:

 That the scale is a liar BECAUSE even though it stands still you are still losing CMs, body fat and gaining muscle.

That I am not selfish in doing this for me BUT that its rather SELF LOVE to get healthy and fit.

That roadblocks are just LAME EXCUSES. There are ALWAYS a way through / around them. (Not one of my roadblocks that I identified in the beginning was a problem at all because there was a solution for each one.)

That taking time to relax (even if it’s just 2 min of meditation) can make the worlds difference in your mood.

That exercising does not have to be an hour of vigorous training in the gym BUT just taking a walk for 30 or 60 min a day is a very good start. The energy to do more will come as the days past.

I have grown so much and lost so much CMs that I am blown away. Every time I walk past a mirror I see the difference and I feel so good on the inside.

Thank you Carol for the amazing products (especially those Drops that tasted like cold drink), Thank you Lana for the amazing recipes (who knew that cauliflower bread can be so tasty) and Thank you my inspirational coach Sunita for being there every step of the way, encouraging me and seeing the difference before I could.

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