I have been a yoyo dieter for the most of my life. There were times

when the yoyo swung the direction I wanted, and I looked great, but I never believed it. My self-esteem reached an all-time low after having children in my 30’s and ballooning up to a dangerous size. Many things contributed, such as insulin resistance, a broken metabolism, cortisone galore and averaging 2 hours of sleep a night.

From age 30 – 36, I went from 68kg’s to 147kg’s! I found out that I stopped breathing 44 times every hour, which led to about 2 hours of broken sleep a night. If you don’t sleep, your organs are impacted, and you gain weight. That is a big reason why I gained so much weight, not to mention gaining almost 40kg’s during my last pregnancy.

By the time I found out about the Diet Doctor, I weighed 117kg’s, but I did not believe that I

could lose much more without a gastric bypass operation. I have lost over 10 kg’s, and so many centimeters.

My journey is just beginning, and I am finally relearning how to love myself and to see myself through God’s eyes. The program helped me to be accountable for what I eat and drink and to exercise 6 days a week, which was something that had been absent from my life. I meditated on the word of God each day, which helped to grow my faith.

My outlook is more positive, and I feel worthy again. I still have some way to go, but I intend to keep at the program and to be disciplined so that I can reach my goal weight of 65kg’s over the next few months! I am so grateful to my coach Lana Botha and the rest of the team at Diet Doctor for giving me a new lease on life! God bless you all!

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