I HAVE MY HEALTH BACK!!! To try and explain why this is such a big victory for me I have to tell you were it all started. Hashimoto’s thyroidism was diagnosed 3 years ago after gaining 8kg in 3 months time, having zero energy, very dry hair breaking and falling out, dry rough skin on my face and eczema in my eyebrows, very bad skin, swollen face and eyes, osteo arthritis, chronic pain in my joints, very high resting heart rate and finally depression.

I went to my then GP crying, not understanding what’s happening to me as I was following a pretty healthy diet and exercised almost daily. Plenty of blood tests were done and hypothyroidism was diagnosed. I was put on medication with a promise that after a month or two, everything would be back to normal. I did have more energy after 2 months, but the rest of the symptoms stayed. I went on an extremely strict diet, losing only 3kg, picked it all up again after a month. That’s when the depression started. Why try, how do you gain so much weight eating so much salad. I started binging, eating to punish myself for failing in losing weight, then feeling ashamed because I had no self control. I went to a new doctor, this time to help with my eating disorder. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroidism which after a lot of reading I came to understand that my body is attacking my thyroid and that this is an autoimmune disease and that I have to learn to live with it. 

In the last 2 years I’ve seen my GP a lot regarding weight, depression, panic attacks and blood tests as we could never get my TSH levels stable. I then joined a challenge with the Diet Doctor Ditch the Diet Revolution Team. I was willing to try once more although I already told myself that I would probably not lose more than 3kg. My why for starting the challenge was to get back to where I was before my diagnosis. The victory in my story is...after less than 2 months on this challenge my TSH levels came back normal. My internal fat went from alarming to normal. I have lost 8.2kg and 66.8cm's.

My BMI went from obese to normal and my body fat went from 26.7 to 22. I have no inflammation or pain, my skin and nails feel like a teenager, my hair is normal for the 1st time in years and my resting heart rate went from 112 to 70. I know there is an autoimmune option for this eating protocol, but all this happened to me just following the normal eating protocol, drinking my collagen and vitamins and being positive. Thank you to my coach Sunita for believing in me because today I also believe in me. This experience has changed my life and gave me back my health.

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