When I was 18 years old, (1982) I weighed 53kg’s.  I then fell pregnant with my first son.  I gained 26kg’s.  I picked up most of the weight on my thighs and buttocks.  I lost all the weight after 6 months of dieting (my own diet). I only ate rusks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (I come from a very big family (dad).
Then, in 1985, I had my second son. I then picked up 36kg’s. 
I also went on a strict diet. Lost some weight and thereafter I lost interest in losing weight as I was up and down (yo-yo).

For the last 33 years I have been on so many diets.  I went to dietician after dietician, and just could not keep the weight off. I even joined another weight loss program and that took forever to lose the weight.  I went on injections with yet another weight loss company. 

I went once a week and would have the injection with no carb diet. I lost 35kg, within 1 year and what happened? I gained all the weight back, plus more. After a couple of years not dieting, I went back to the same weight loss program and did the same all over, but only lost 10kg.

Not long after this the kilos were back. I was feeling so uncomfortable, and I went to Pilates twice a week and my weight was staying stagnate. Only I was getting fitter and stronger, I lost 12kg and then I had to go for a total knee replacement.
After the operation, I then gained more weight. I then discovered Diet Doctor.

I started my Drops and followed the booklet instructions to the T. I never cheated once. I was 100% on the protocol. I started on 110kg and have lost 40kg. I was on stabilization phase for 4 weeks and lost another 3kg.
I decided to do another round as I wanted to lose another 10kg. I did lose another 9.6kg.

Overall, I have lost a total of 49.6kg in a period of 9 months. I feel so much healthier, comfortable, and much sexier than ever. I used to wear a 44/46 and now, I’m a 34/36…feeling on top of the world!

This is no longer a diet…it has become a new lifestyle and enjoy eating my healthy foods. My energy levels have gone up drastically; my health is up 100%. Have had loads of encouragement from the Diet Doctor group of Facebook. I recommend Diet Doctor to anyone battling with their weight, I do have a habit in falling in old patterns, but I know finally know what works.

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