So nice & refreshing not hearing comments about how big/ fat you are and instead how they admire how hard you’ve worked & how beautiful/sexy you looking.

Learning to look closely at myself & beyond old beliefs with mirror work is doing wonders, though it takes time but I’m definitely seeing myself in a different light and enjoying self love.

Each one of us could love ourselves more. Each one of us deserved to be loved, to live well, to be healthy and to prosper. So... see yourself surrounded by love, see yourself happy, healthy, and whole. See your life as you would like it to be.

Know that you deserve it... 

Never though my tummy would start shrinking after many failed diet attempts. I don’t feel hungry, I’m full of energy & cravings are a thing of the past and the Ditch the Diet Drops are amazing.

So thankful to the coaches at The Diet Doctor,the support , food ideas & love that the team is sharing.

Even though the mind can tell you it’s cold, or your exhausted, you had a hectic day & blah blah blah... Once you remember your commitment & your WHY you have won the battle & a battle won in the mind already is a battle conquered.

Before starting on the Diet doctor program I had lost hope of losing the baby weight after 2 years of having my daughter.  Being short at 155cm & weighing 82,2kgs I hated looking at myself in the mirror as I was just round, my naked body with the hanging tummy was an awful sight. I hated taking pictures.

The daily check ins with my coach kept me on track and the food preps helped made sure that I stick to the allowed foods. I started walking as part of the exercises requirement.
Eventually my energy levels were increasing, my confidence started coming back & I was losing weight & cms.

The journey wasn’t just an easy one, it took a lot of discipline and the support from the coaches was amazing. The motivation boasted my attitude and helped me to keep moving.

I’m almost at my goal weight and the collagen has also done amazingly with my skin elasticity. I’m so proud of my progress, I lost 14,7kgs and 139cms.

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