When I decided I wanted to lose weight that is all I thought I was doing.  But it was not just about weight.  My journey of Mind, Soul & Body Reset was exactly that.  I never thought about my mental health only that I wanted to get rid of the weight. I was so wrong to have a mindset like that.

This journey has taught me how to look at myself in a new way.  I am not scared of the mirror anymore. My daily affirmations in the beginning were tough but doing them every day change my day and I’m now smiling, and I forgave myself for all the negativity I had for my body.  It’s been amazing to see myself more accepting and happier.  Happy with a capital H.

I used to get up in the morning tired and depressed. Now with my daily routine of self-affirmations, mirror work and the amazing wonder woman pose I’m ready for the day.  With a smile and a new attitude.  Meditation was new to me, and I love it.  Taking time out to destress and focus gives me a new perspective of myself, my feelings, clearing brain fog.  It’s amazing.

My eating habits have completely changed for the better. Now knowing the amount of rubbish, I was putting in my body with all the added chemicals, hormones etc has changed my food choices.  Learning from the team has been amazing.  I never thought I could give up on certain things, but it has been so easy.  Morning routines and before meal routines ACV & Lemon juice is now a ritual. 

The Ditch the Diet Revolution Kit has been the best gift I could ever have given myself.  The drops have been amazing. Stopping cravings that I'd usually have, and the stress drops have made me so much calmer. The Rapid Loss Drops have helped me lose those kg's and centimeters in a shorter time and they all taste great.  I have noticed a change in my skin, hair and nails with the Collagen powder.  It has also been my go-to cocktail when I’m around people at a braai.  Like a guilty pleasure without guilt.

I absolutely love all the shakes. I am not a great breakfast eater so every morning I have either a cold shake, hot shake latte or smoothie shake. Delicious and no skipping breakfast.

Eating 3 meals a day is now something I do.  I realized it is not how much you eat, starve yourself, skip meals.  It’s the opposite.  I am now I am eating more but the diffe. ce is I am eating healthy, and I am never hungry. 

Exercise is something I said I would do tomorrow but tomorrow never came. Now walking has become a daily habit with 30 minutes excursive or stretching 6 days a week is a habit and I love it. With the support of the coaches and the ladies on the group I am so happy and proud to say I love the person I have become.  I love the fact that I do not need to look for compliments on my new body and outlook on life.  It’s for ME.  Something I would not have said at the beginning of this journey.  I love going through my cupboard and trying on my old clothes that have not fitted in years.  My greatest achievement is not only my weight but me loving me.

I could not have done this by myself. Thank you Carol. Lana and Sunita and Diet Doctor. You have changed my life!!!!

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