My battle with weight loss and gain again started few years ago after my divorce, emotional eating was my only escape and every time I eat I felt happy and guilty in same time .

Rollercoaster of emotions and unhappiness which resulted in me putting about 15 kgs on. All that has changed with The Diet Doctor and I am not referring only to weight loss but emotional well being as well.

For the 1st time in my life, I can honestly say that scale showing a loss doesn’t bother me at all. This is just a number on a scale which does not define me or who I am or my well being. Instead, what I celebrate is my loss of 89 cms in total, feeling great. I have gained confidence, self love and specially the mental happiness and peace. Also, healthy eating which I thought in a beginning of this journey that it’s going to be my bigger obstacle is now something I chose before any unhealthy meal. And I am giving credit to healthy food and exercises and daily affirmations to my quick recovery from Covid.

Been 8 weeks since the challenge but it’s been over 2 years where I couldn’t shake my weight off and it wasn’t just my weight on a scale but all the mental baggage as well that’s why so many times before I tried I started and as per normal also gave up BUT not this time.

This program was so different on so many levels. Thanks to the coaches and all the support.

Every day I was looking forward to different challenges, obstacles, and achievements.

I can say with confidence today I have reached so many goals, I fit into my clothes again, I’m happy my eating habits has improved, and I even learned so many new recipes.

And I never ever thought I would enjoy my morning walks and now I am addicted.

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