Jenny Berrington

Jenny Berrington

Where does one even start when writing a testimonial on something that has done something amazing for someone!!! 

I was so lost on what, where and how to go about losing weight and changing not only my lifestyle but my family’s lifestyle.

Then I found Diet Doctor on Facebook, and at 1st I thought oh my word, how am I going to do this, then I had a moment to breathe and realized this is what I need, this is what it’s going to take.  

I always thought I was mentally ready for a “diet” and after sitting down with my awesome coach Carol, she made me realize this isn’t a just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, it’s also not about doing this for family and friends, it’s about doing it for yourself!! 

We had to learn to meditate and wow who would have thought that meditation would do to one’s mind set, learning how to deal with past emotions, stress and you name it… I had learned to push myself into doing something, that I don’t always enjoy doing, walking 5km a day was a lot to do in the beginning and some days i needed a friendly reminder why I was do the 5kms, and once they were done it always felt so good.

I loved doing the workouts, there is just something enjoyable about working out and then was also introduced to doing stretches every 2nd day and I honestly would have never thought that doing stretches could be so awesome, and how good it would make you and your body feel. 

I have learnt to love and appreciate myself more now than I ever have, and I have come to realize that I need to stop worrying about what other people think and how I think they view me, at the end of the day it’s how I view myself, and instead of degrading myself and taking my mind to a dark place, I know praise the person,  the mind and the way I look, THIS IS ME WORLD and I’m loving it!!!! 

I was so pleasantly surprised at how awesome the Diet Doctor products tasted and how amazing they worked.

I have tried many different products, the Rapid Loss drops, speak for themselves, they are yummy and they do exactly what the label tells you they do, I’ve tried products to help with the cravings and I never found they did, until I started taking the Crave Control drops, for the 1st time I actually saw a difference and realized I didn’t crave the junk food like I used to… The No Stress drops, also helped a lot, one doesn’t realize the stress your body holds, and what you put it through, then you tell your body, oh hey you now going to change your wasting and exercising lifestyle and that puts stress on oneself, I have noticed a difference in my stress! 

Then there is the amazing tasting collagen, and wow is it delicious, a great way to start your morning!!!! Then the BEST, most amazing tasting shakes, and you will not go wrong with them, the best part is, is that they are not just a shake, but can be used as a dessert, a warm drink, and in your delicious smoothies!!!

At the end of the day, this protocol has defiantly been the best for me and I dare you to give it a try!!! It’s not just a diet it’s a lifestyle change, and so worth every step!!! 

It will take me some more time to get exactly where I want to be, but I know I’m on the right journey and cannot wait to see what else is in store for me…

Total in cms: 130cm, Total Weight lost in 56 days: 8.4kgs.

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