My weight loss journey started back in 2015 after my youngest daughter was born.

I was overweight and wore baggy clothes to hide from the world. I started my weight loss journey with The Diet Doctor and ended up losing a whopping 34kg in just 4 months, however, it did not come without its challenges. 

The Diet Doctor not only helped me get rid of my weight but changed my relationship with food forever. While on the program I learned so much in terms of what foods are good for you and the impact some foods can have on my waistline and health.

I still follow The Diet Doctor’s Guidelines in my present-day life to maintain my weight. I now know the importance of eating healthily and maintaining my weight for life.

I have now become what most people will call a HEALTH FREAK, not only did I complete several wellness courses but have found a new love for cooking too.

And to top this all off, I recently got married again and was a mere size 6 considering that I wore a size 16 dress the first time I got married.

I stopped obsessing about the scale and love my new size and newfound health.

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