WOW 18.2 kg gone for good. I still cannot believe how many of my clothes that didn't fit me a few months back, still doesn't fit me because it's way too big now. Just love the new me! Thank you do much The Diet Doctor for this life-changing opportunity!

My journey with the Diet Doctor started on the 24 th of May 2021. Weighing in at my highest weight ever, a whopping 84.4kg, stressed, tired and experiencing night-sweats and so much hope that this time I will reach a healthy weight. I have tried everything before, carnivore, keto, **erbalife, **igh-less and **ightwatchers, and so many others, I can’t even remember.

What made the difference for me, was the coaching, the camaraderie of the group, and the knowledge that we are all together in this to cheer each other on. The exercise was tough at first, but as I progressed, I challenged myself to do more. All the years of being completely sedentary, caused me some issues with injuries, but taking some time off and listening to my body and trying harder next time helped a lot. The mirror work and affirmations were not easy at first, especially if one was so used to seeing all the negatives about yourself.

The fact that the Ditch the Diet Revolution is based on holistically healing the mind, body and soul, changed my viewpoint about weight-loss completely. It made me realise that starving myself would not get me healthy, fit and strong. I’ve learnt that good nutritious food is easy to cook and does not even take a lot of time.

I am looking at myself and love what I see, and I feel light and fit. I could not imagine that I will be feeling and looking like this ever again.

As I grew bigger, I actually faded away. I didn't see myself anymore. Time spent looking at my reflection in the mirror was limited to as little time as possible. The commitment to mirror work, wonder woman poses and affirmations forced me to look at myself deeper. Today I realised  whenI go back to the mirror, I love what I see. I am admiring what I have achieved, much less of the unwanted me, visible toning and just a glow!!

I am so grateful to be part of this life-changing journey, because I know there

will be struggles in life, but weight will not be part of it. I only got stronger daily with my great products like Diet Doctor Complete Kit Drops, Lean Whey Shake, Collagen and Multivitamins, caring and supportive coaches and my tribe members on the group in this journey.

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