I found and joined Diet Doctor after my own weight loss journey of 37kgs. I however struggled to get rid of the last "bits" on my own. After a big weight loss, the last few kgs and cms are always hesitant. Not only did I get to my desired shape, I also built muscle giving me a more toned look and to top it off a healthy lifestyle to maintain for good

What a wonderful, life changing experience it was!!

I learned so much about my body, nutrition, self love and how to manage stress better.The meditation and journaling taught me healthy ways of dealing with stress and other emotions. 

The oral Drops were amazing and so easy to use! The Crave Control was my favourite as it helped me a lot with my cravings, especially during that time of the month when I used to eat whatever I could get my hands on.  The Rapid Loss drops melted the fat off my body and the No Stress made a huge difference in coping with my daily stressors.  

The collagen tastes amazing, and my skin is glowing and bright!  My hair is thicker and growing much faster and so are my nails.

I love, love, LOVE the meal replacement shakes!!  Wow, they taste more like a treat than a well-balanced meal! They are so convenient and easy to use on the go. My favourite flavour is the Milk Tart Explosion!  

I have lost 3.5kg in total and a whopping 46.5cm across my body! It was so nice to exercise daily and that is a routine that will stick with me!  Who knew sweating can be so much fun and soooo good for you!!

My biggest losses were around my chest (10.5cm), waist (7.5cm) and hips (14.5cm).  

I will forever be grateful that I could have been part of this program, thank you so much for all your support!!

I have the tools I need to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Thanks again for everything.

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