Marli Griessel

Marli Griessel

Several years ago I lost 10kgs with The Diet Doctor in just 30 days on the old protocol. I also there after lost an additional 10kgs in the weeks that followed. This changed my life in so many ways.

However years later during the first lockdown my weight steadily increased and it was a very stressful time for everyone. I found myself with no energy and exceptionally low self-esteem. 

So of course I jumped at the opportunity when Diet Doctor advertised their new challenge with their new Ditch the Diet Revolution Digital Program and Complete Kit Drops included.

Yet again I lost 10kg and managed to reach this goal in 30 days.

I am back on track, my self-esteem intact and my entire lifestyle in a much healthier place. I have been on maintenance ever since and just love showing off my new figure.

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