Thinking back, I could not look at myself back then and even now it's hard for me to look at the photo’s.

I was sooo depressed but on that “before”day I managed to find some courage. I amped myself to pose in my underwear. Let it ALL OUT. FACE IT! Keep it real.
It was the hardest journey finding me in that chaos

But I did and it wasn't easy. It was sweat and tears. High's and low's. Letting things go - cutting out many things and cutting ties to toxic people.
Today I am grateful for myself.

Be your own best friend and release all the weight you need to let go by doing this. Get up and be kind to yourself. That's what I did - you can do it too!

A total release of 62kg's in two years. I'm so glad I'm not the person in the first photo anymore. My heaviest 165kg's. Hectic!!

The more I compare my body to then and now.I also evaluate my mental state of mind. Heavy body = heavy emotions. Everything is heavy when you are heavy.
I was literally carrying life's heavy load. It was hard to move around and change my mind. It was like I had to move a mountain but inside it was just me. A young lady caged in my own body and mind.

Shedding the weight - shedding my heavy emotions. I can breath - I can move around. There's not 60 layers between me and those I love. I get to love again with no insecurities. No monsters running around my head. People stare at me and I don't feel like running away anymore. It's a lot to get use to but it feels like I can deal with this body better.

My inspirational REAL videos are posted in the FB Support Community group. We are all human and have our ups and downs. The incredible loss of over 60kgs is what Diet Doctor is all about. We all know what it feels like to give up I want to know what it feels like to succeed and now I do.

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