Dearest Diet Doctor,

What a journey….what started as a premium hike on my insurance policy has turned into so, so much more….

Food has always been my comfort, whether I be sad, happy, frustrated, celebrating etc.. so much so that I could sometimes not even remember eating something. Lost weight about 13 years ago, but for totally the wrong reasons.

When I started with The Diet Doctor, I thought “what have I got to loose, except weight”? Well exercise became my middle name very quickly as the “diet” part of this challenge was actually the least of my “mountains to be moved”. My mind and all the roadblocks were my main focus. Once I had overcome my anxiety, self-doubt, self-criticism etc. the way was paved.

Thinking back over the last 16 weeks, it feels like my lifestyle has fallen into place- FINALLY AND FOREVER. In total I have currently lost a whopping 16kg and 91cm! This has become a lifestyle change to me (and my family has even joined in…). The importance of facing not only my body shame/self-doubt/negative self-image/negative self-talk etc was the factor that got me to finally make the switch from “just another diet” to “this is the first day of the rest of my life”. 

Words fail me. A simple thank you won’t suffice; therefore you will see less and less of me (my body, my vessel that the Good Lord has blessed me with) over time. But on the group, I will remain active. To inspire, like you have inspired me. Thank you for showing me that it is possible to find myself, to be happy in my own skin again (maybe for the first time ever), to be comfortable to talk to people openly about my journey and to have a mind that is clear of clutter.

Weight loss 10.7 kg

CM loss 46.50 (I only measured one side of my body like arm, hip, thigh, calves)           

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