I am beyond grateful for my journey with the Diet Doctor.

I was at my heaviest when I started in April 2021, at 99kg. Looking at the mirror was painful; I hated the reflection I saw. I was depressed and stopped taking care of myself.

I lost about 6kg in a month on my own just by using the Drops and eating on the Ditch the Diet revolution protocol. 

On the 24th May 2021 I joined in on a challenge. My main goal was weight loss and oh my I got such a huge surprise! Not only have I lost more than 10kg and loads of centimeters, but my confidence is alive again. I am falling back in love with the lady I see in the mirror now, she is a beautiful work in progress! Never did I imagine that I will start falling in love with myself again and say positive affirmations to myself.  

Their collagen cleansed my skin, and I am glowing, always getting complements from my family and friends. The Diet Doctor Team has taught me a healthy relationship with food, never in my life did I think healthy food is delicious. Cauliflower is a miracle, the recipes that you can make with it is mouthwatering.

When I was first told we need to meditate, I thought these people are crazy, why would I do that, I have never done that in my life! After doing it for the first time I was in love, it has been my saving grace,  my go to place when feeling stressed or having anxiety.

This journey has improved my quality of life. I am now active and have been enjoying hikes with my husband and children.

The bedroom life has been woken up again, I feel lighter and sexier!

Some of my old jeans fit me again which I have not worn for more than 2 years.

My dream size and goal weight were a dream but after 56 days, it has become so real. 

My cravings are in check because of the Drops I drink daily, food is no longer my comfort.

It has been a tough journey emotionally.

Financially things are so bad with Covid job cuts, we have been under so much stress but managed to stay on the program. I also had surgery, fell pregnant but it was an ectopic pregnancy. Managed to stay on the protocol with all the support I got from my amazing coach Sunita. The ladies in the program have become like family.

I NEVER post anything on Facebook but have started doing it and it has been therapeutic and I am glad the coaches hold us as visibility = accountability.

Thank you for all the products, coaching and challenging work from all the coaches, I will forever be grateful.

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