It’s a non scale victory and has nothing to do with my weight loss, but everything with the confidence, zest for life and bravery I gained!

Doing things I never would’ve in the past.

I am so scared of it, but also so excited!!!

For the longest time I have felt slightly jelly at everyone doing jogs. And then I realized there is NOTHING holding me back except my own mind and beliefs. 

It took me a while to realize my endless potential and power.

Not just because of who I am, what I can and will achieve but also Who I believe in.

Only when I started realising this, that I have the ability to amend my attitude, did things change for me and around me.

Every day is Not all roses and gold, but even those really crappy ones are less impactful, passes quickly and doesn’t leave lasting effects.

Love yourself enough to create the future you deserve, the weight, the happiness, the love, the career everything!

I love what I see in the mirror, I see HOPE and it starts in the happiness experienced in the NOW.

As someone living with a (well managed) anxiety disorder life can be tough. Your mind becomes your enemy.

However, because of my journey with Diet Doctor there has been changes.

Letting go of negative thoughts, using healthy coping mechanisms and meditating as and when required.  Everyday is not perfect, but here we celebrate progress over perfection! Living a calmer and more meaningful life is a victory worth celebrating!

I remember when I first took the step to join Diet Doctor. I was stuck in a hospital room with my 2 year old, who had a life threatening bug. I was fat, miserable and just done with the way I was living my life and treating my body. 

What made it worse, is that the person sitting there was already an improved version, but like so many weigh gloss stories, I felt stuck, got discouraged and started living according to my old negative habits again due to the terrible situation I found myself in. 

I needed help! 

Along came Carol, Lana and Sunita with their products, an eating plan and a promise for a life changing experience. 

I remember when we got to meet the group of ladies who joined, I felt uncertain, embarrassed but sooooo excited. 

What I quickly realized was that this is NOT your average weight loss plan. Their holistic approach focused a lot on my mental wellbeing!  

The fitness requirements to work out added a new layer to being healthier and challenging myself. The start was hard, but I was motivated and the incredible support of my coach. 

Every week I lost some weight, a lot of cms, and gained a new insight into my soul, discovering myself again and creating the path for future me. 

Not one day did I feel hungry, alone or like I cannot continue!!! 

This was not a life changing experience, it was like a complete rebirth! 

Even though, I have managed to lose 15,9 kg and still have a long way to go, my entire perspective shifted! My why is my focus, and never before have I had this much HOPE and conviction that I will reach my goals! Every single one of them. 

I am forever grateful for this journey and will be forever on a new trajectory because of it. Propelled forwards with focus, forgiveness, optimism and gratitude!!! 

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