Do you lose the weight only to gain it back? I know - I did it many times. Until I made a conscious decision to stop doing it to myself. We choose to give in to cravings; we say that we cannot do it. We choose not to do it.

Why is it that you can work for a company for years, investing in someone else’s dream but if you are told invest years into yourself the timeline is too long? Why are we so driven by instant gratification? Patience is something we need to learn to have more off. You can whip of 20kg in a few months but keeping it off is the real test. Right? 

I was honest with myself; I was not happy and so I CHOSE to change that and that is the best gift that I ever gave myself. I invested in myself with The Diet Doctor. I’m not there yet and it’s slower than the 1st time around, but I’m a hell of a way from where I used to be a mere couple of months ago yo-yo up yo-yo down. 

To succeed you need to come to terms with sacrifice. If it were easy everyone would do it, so get ready to suck it up buttercup. This protocol does it quicker and easier, but YOU need to be committed to change.

Something I read today made me realize…there are people who are going through a lot worse in this world - needing to diet is a privilege, it means that you were blessed with abundance, where others do not even have enough to live.

I do not want to get skinny, it’s about HEALTH not SIZE. I am blessed to be on this sometimes not so easy journey!

A Journey I have embarked on that has given me the most amazing freedom and a level of self-confidence I never imagined I could possess. What I now recognize as key important factors are my feeling of self-worth, contentment and happiness. I only need to look in the mirror to see what I have achieved, and I’m delighted with it, so I certainly don’t need to hand back that control to a damn scale!

“I’m so thrilled to be in a position of strength and awareness, knowing I can offer my body the love it needs and deserves through the right foods, self-love, morning routines, regular exercise, some daily meditation, yoga, plus time to make considerable and weighted decisions. I’m so grateful Diet Doctor gifted me my very own toolbox to dip into in order to continue growing.

We have no idea how many tomorrows we have left, so make each day count!

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