My weight loss journey started in May 2020, due to the fact that in 2019 over the space of 9 months I gained more that 14kgs.  This I only found out in October 2019 was due to a hormonal imbalance, which lead to me having a hysterectomy in October 2019.  By May 2020, I had not been able to lose any of the weight that I had gained the year before. I heard about Diet Doctor and here is where my journey starts. 

19th May 2020 I weighed 79.6kgs and with using the old protocol and following the allowed lists of foods I was able to lose a total of 19.6kgs by January 2021.  In the beginning of May 2021 I heard about the challenge with the New Protocol.  This was a dream come true as my mind had not yet accepted the fact that I had lost all the weight I still felt fat and uncomfortable in my own body and did not really like myself too much.

Although I have not lost much scale weight, I have lost cm’s and have become fitter at 44yrs than I have ever been before.  With the daily exercises and stretching my muscles are more toned and I am able to run a little at a time, whereas before even walking left me breathless.  My daily meditation has left me being able to focus and concentrate more in stressful situations. 

With the Drops I have more energy than I thought was possible, I do not crave for any specific types of food and I sleep so much better.  My mind has finally caught up to my slender body. I am so much more confident about myself, and I love myself and who I have become.  MBS really focuses on you MIND, your BODY, and your SOUL. All three are really important and The Diet Doctor has joined all 3 of them into a trilogy of perfection.

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