When I first started I was slightly nervous and excited...the nerves originated from a fear of not being able to persist and finish the program and the excitement from what possibilities this adventure would hold for me. I was already cutting out gluten at the time doing yoga for about half an hour daily in my attempt to follow the best lifestyle plan in coping with my autoimmune disease, Hashimotos. 

The first 3 days of the MBS Reset Academy program were the hardest. During this phase we had to detox and do solid state walking for an hour daily. My fingers were swollen, and I was gasping for breath after about 20 minutes, I had a headache and felt tired, but on the last day of detox things started settling. My 'brain fog' (a Hashis symptom) started decreasing as my energy levels started increasing. The mirror work and affirmations helped me to approach each day with a cheerful outlook and 'pep talk' myself when the negative thoughts or self doubt started to creep in. I quickly learnt that healthy eating and living does not have to be boring and with all the creative ideas and support from the ladies in the group, the program ended up being more fun than challenging. 

My Diet Doctor coach Sunita was both understanding and 'tough on me' and always reminded me to not quit and just 'get back on track' the next day even if I faced some challenges. Look, nobody is perfect, we are all human, but mindset is especially important during this journey. 

* Daily mirror work reinstates 'self love' and acceptance.

* The 'Superwoman pose' is strange at first (for you and those around you), but then, strangely, people start getting in on the action. 

* 'Solid state walking' is something that becomes slightly addictive after you get fit and see the grams dropping from your once saturated belly.

* Clean eating results in 'clearer thinking', feeling less sluggish and an overall healthier disposition. 

* Diet Doctor Collagen powder assists with radiant and glowing skin, better hair growth, stronger nails and healthier joints. 

* The Diet Doctor Drops assisted in decreasing appetite and keeping blood sugar levels stable, so you don't feel the urge to 'snack' so much on naughty treats. 

* Cinnamon Milk Tart Explosion Whey shake = Orgasmic, yes thank you very much. This was my life saver when I did not have time to prepare a meal or needed a warm and sweet drink.

Thanks to the Diet Doctor and the unwavering support from the company and all the ladies in the group.

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