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Gerda’s Transformation

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Gerda:What a journey, I did not think that I will actually pull through and make so many positive changes, but with all the support of the ladies on the MBS Programme and my coach , Sunita Gouws, I did it, I made it, I did not quit. Being part of the 56 Day MBS Programme has been mind blowing to me. I have been on many many many diets before, many groups where we post our food, exercises, check-ins but I always managed to not finish it… I know why… because it was always only focused on the numbers on the scale and your cm’s, never did I focus on my Mental, Body and Soul.. THAT is what made the difference with this programme/challenge. The challenge started on the 24th of May and I kept it the worlds best kept secret as I did not want anyone to know that I am again on some diet, on some programme, on some weightloss journey, because I will fail anyway. This time I did not had that mindset, very quickly I started to tell myself that I will not fail, I will not quit. I really struggled with the mirror work and self-love, I still have some shifts to make, some emotional/mental shifts, much more self love and then also physical, but I have come so far!! I was where I never ever want to be again and I am still going to get where I really really want to be!!I still have a lot of self-love and self-worth to do… I am not giving up until I feel 100% confident in who I am for ME!!The last 2 weeks of the 56 days I let work stress, emotions and everything else take over, forgetting ME again… not focusing but I never gave up!! Seeing the posts from the girls daily gave me hope and energy on more than one occasion. There has been days when I woke up and said today I am doing nothing, I feel tired, stressed, all the excuses, then I scroll through the MBS Academy Facebook group and I see all the posts, sweaty selfies, affirmations, mirror work, somedays I jumped like a rocket out of bed and also started my day the right way. I absolutely love the quick and easy recipes. I love the collagen, it is now my new go to drink. Thank you so much for letting me continue on this journey to get to a complete healing of ME.I have lost a total of 36cm’s… & 5.2kg of weight lost.12cm’s around my waist and 10cm’s on my hips!! – That might just be some of my emotional baggage that I have been carrying around… Still have a lot of emotional baggage to get rid of, but I am excited and committed.

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